Chihuahua Star says her clean fur makes her feel beautiful and gives her more confidence

While visiting from Los Angeles, Star agreed to try our new Pet Shampoo Bar. After staying in two shelters and having a cargo seat on a plane, Star wasn’t smelling her best, so we gave her a bath with commercial dog shampoo. Now she didn’t smell like dog, she smelled like a dog who had rolled in rose petals, which was just wrong. Worse, the shampoo contained some ingredients like sodium laureth that we’re a little leery of. This spurred us to develop an unscented pet shampoo. Because a pet’s sense of smell is 1,000 times more sensitive ours, we felt it important to make it unscented for your pet’s comfort--and dignity at the dog park. Our all-natural pet shampoo bar features moisturizing oils and goat’s milk for creaminess.

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