Fighting the good fight: Gray Duck Soap welcomes Gray Duck Tavern and St. Paul Duck, Duck, Gray Ducks

At Gray Duck Soap we like to think of ourselves as trend setters. On the cutting edge. Driving the bandwagon. Now it seems a restaurant and a baseball team are joining us--and all other true Minnesotans--to stand up for the kids’ game as Duck, Duck, Gray Duck; not Duck, Duck, Goose.

To fight for what’s right, the St. Paul Saints baseball team is renaming themselves the St. Paul Duck, Duck, Gray Ducks for their Aug. 19 game. The Cleburne Railroaders will change their name for the night to the Cleburne Duck, Duck Goose. They will battle it out to see who is right: Gray Duck or Goose.

And after the game get a bite at Gray Duck Tavern a new restaurant opening in May in the St. Paul Lowry Hotel building.

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