Gary Johnson joins The Duck Stops Here election soaps

Since we introduced The Duck Stops Here election soaps, we’ve gotten the sense that customers love the soap, but hate the candidates they represent. Said one customer, “This dragon’s blood scent is awesome, but I just can’t stand Donald Trump.” We told her that as soon as she cut off the label, she wouldn’t know that Donald Trump was all over her in the shower. Somehow that didn’t help.

We can report that the Bernie’s Sandalwood soap (the spicy soap that just won’t quit) is the best seller with Hillary Clinton a distant second. So this week we added “Gary Johnson: The ‘none of the above’ soap.” The color is yellow as the Libertarian Party color he represents and the scent is frankincense and myrrh, a rich woodsy scent.

So how’s Johnson doing? It’s too soon to tell how his soap is selling, but in the political arena he’s polling between 10-12% and needs 15% to have a place at the debate podium next to Trump and Clinton. The Indianapolis Star quoted Johnson saying, “Oh, if I could just be the spoiler. This is a party that needs spoiling, and I’m talking about the two-party system really. It’s the dinosaurs, and maybe I’m the comet."

Well, maybe Gray Duck Soap can help Johnson’s cause in this crazy election year. We’ll let you know how the “Gary Johnson: The ‘none of the above’ soap” does.

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