Getting our ducks in a row for summer markets

Things are sudsing up for summer! We’re bringing back The Duck Stops Here election soaps featuring Trump and Biden soap—again. You will be able to vote with your soap purchase to predict who will win in November and watch our running poll.

By popular request, we’re introducing Duck, Duck, Goat our new line of goat’s milk soaps in exciting scents including Billy of the Valley (lily of the valley), Old Goat, (teakwood and cardamom) Goat by the Sea (ocean), and Goat Milk & Honey.

Besides seeing our old friends at the Hopkin’s Farmers’ Market, we’ll be making new friends this summer at The Bloomington Farmers' Market and Market in the Valley in Golden Valley. Click See Us for details of our full schedule.

Looking forward to an exciting soapy summer!

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