Rubber Ducky Passes “Go,” Collects $200

Rubber Ducky Token from Hasbro's Monopoly

The rubber ducky is now a token choice in Hasbro’s classic game Monopoly. That’s right, after 82 years of brothers and sisters fighting over who got stuck with the thimble, boot or wheelbarrow, these tokens are gone, replaced by T-Rex, a penguin, and the rubber ducky. (Don’t worry, Mom, Hasbro felt your cold glare all the way from our kitchen table when a kid suggested you take the iron and retired that token years ago.)

In honor of the rubber ducky, Gray Duck Soap is hard at work making rubber ducky soaps for the upcoming market season. Stay connected for their grand unveiling in late spring.

For more on Monopoly rubber ducky token developments, see CNN’s breaking news story:

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