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Gray Ducks in the Vikings end zone last night

Gray Ducks are everywhere, even in football end zones. The Minnesota Vikings celebrated a touchdown at Soldier Field in Chicago last night with a quick game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck in the end zone. That's Gray Duck, not Goose in Minnesota.  

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Just Hatched: New Soaps at the Farmer’s Market in Hopkins

On Saturday we introduce Just Hatched, new soaps for summer at the Hopkins Farmers Market. Just Hatched are small-batches (only 8-12 bars) of seasonal soap made just for summer, which we will rotate throughout the market season. We love to experiment with exciting new designs and scents so come out and see our Just Hatched summer soaps.

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How we made the perfect shaving soap

Gray Duck Soap’s The Master Series of shaving soap took an enormous amount of trial-and-error and testing to develop. In fact, no other of our more than 50 soaps has gone through this much research and development. We believe we have produced the perfect traditional men’s shaving soap.

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